Belbin for selecting a perfect team

Dear Business Leader,

How do you select a perfect team?

  • Look for perfect people?
  • Pick the most eligible people?
  • Choose people who are comfortable working with one another?

How often has it happened that you put together a chosen few effective individuals and discover they do not make an effective team? How often have you noticed people succeeding in one team feeling challenged when placed in another team on a similar task?

Intuitively we all appreciate that no one is perfect, but a team can be. The question is.. How to select such a team?

Belbin Team roles, the path breaking discovery of Dr Meredith Belbin, provides pointers to selecting a perfect team as a means of transforming workplace performance in ways that enable people to live their potential.

Listen to Ravi Sundaram – Founder Director – CERT India - in the webinar on Belbin Knowledge Series – Belbin for selecting a perfect team and discover how.
When: 400 PM on Thursday, 1st March 2018
Your only investment will be your time – 45 minutes to be precise.

In the interest of audience engagement, we limit the number of participants in our webinars to 20. So, please register right away here
Looking forward to meeting you at the webinar,


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Cert-India Webinars

Seen L to R : M/s Barrie Watson, Nigel Belbin & Ravi Sundaram at the Belbin Symposium in Cambridge UK

19th & 20th Mar 2018 (Mon & Tues) @ Bangalore